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Daily devotions

Every day during the week we release a new video to encourage and build the church family and wider community.

Tuesday 30 June

#dailydevotions // The Power of Your Love - 30th June 2020

A big thanks to Richard for sharing this song for today's devotional. Originally written by Geoff Bullock and the Hillsong team in 1992 it remains a timeless reminder of the goodness of God. [Verse 1] Lord, I come to You Let my heart be changed, renewed Flowing from the grace That I found in You Lord, I've come to know The weaknesses I see in me Will be stripped away By the power of Your love [Chorus] Hold me close Let Your love surround me Bring me near Draw me to Your side And as I wait I'll rise up like the eagle And I will soar with You Your Spirit leads me on In the power of Your love [Verse 2] Lord, unveil my eyes Let me see You face to face The knowledge of Your love As You live in me Lord, renew my mind As Your will unfolds in my life In living every day By the power of Your love

Friday 26 June

#dailydevotions // Patience and Victory - 26th June 2020

Ezekiel is a prophet who found himself exiled in Babylon with many of his people! The temple closed and abandoned and a long way away; he was feeling insecure and defeated. But he was restored by a vision of God on the move. Here was a man motivated and captivated by a vision of God who never left his people, even when they were "scattered". Here John M talks about Ezekiel and how we can learn from his vision as we consider the next steps of our mission filled with the Holy Spirit through our victorious Jesus. You may want to read Ezekiel chapter 1 first - but - be warned! - it is quite a strange passage!

Thursday 25 June

#dailydevotions // Lord You've Been Good to Me - 25th June 2020

For many of us God’s Spirit speaks to us through songs of worship. In this video Jon shares a song that was originally written and performed by Graham Kendrick that has been living with him for sometime. In Jon’s own words this song wonderfully speaks of God’s goodness and I don’t disagree. Why some time today to listen, worship and meditate on the words of this song. Bless God and be blessed.

Tuesday 23 June

#dailydevotions // Pillars of Salt - 23rd June 2020

Some parts of the bible are just difficult to read and Genesis 19 is certainly one of them. I certainly wasn't expecting God to speak encouragement to us through it but I believe that He has. We have so much to look forward to as we anticipate a time of meeting together again but it isn't simply a case of looking back to what we had but instead, we can look forward to something even better. We don't desire to become lifeless pillars of salt but we do want to be salty and lighty to the world around us. Watch today's video and watch out for the ambulance siren at around 3.33 I don't want it to make you jump as much as it did me.

Monday 22 June

#dailydevotions // New Hope Music - 22nd June 2020

We have some very talented songwriters and musicians here at New Hope Church and today we are pleased to announce the release of three songs under the banner of New Hope Music. As part of our mission to make Jesus known New Hope Music is a new way to share the gifting that God has placed amongst us and help bring people ever closer to Jesus with biblical and God honouring music. 'Come On, Come On', 'Where Can I Go' and 'I Will Bow' have become familiar at New Hope Church during our times of corporate worship over the years but to hear them professionally produced and to have them available to us digitally is just fantastic. Come On, Come On:

Friday 19 June

#dailydevotions // I Sought the Lord - 19th June 2020

Psalm 34 tells us that when we seek the Lord He answers us. Even without COVID and its associated challenges, we all have our fair share of stresses and strains that demand our time and attention but we can come to the Lord who is good, we can take refuge in Him and trust that He will deliver us from all of our troubles.

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