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Daily devotions

Every day during the week we release a new video to encourage and build the church family and wider community.

Tuesday 02 June

#dailydevotions // Entrusted with the Gospel - 2nd June 2020

The Apostle Paul wrote in numerous letters that he was 'entrusted with the gospel'. As members of the worldwide church, we are to also understand that we too are 'entrusted' to carry the gospel, proclaiming its good news and seeing the Kingdom of God grow wherever it takes root. James shares with us how the Holy Spirit has captured his heart through these scriptures and we pray that each of us will be moved to understand and take hold of what this means for us. To further captivate us James has also written a song based on this theme and shares with us towards the end of this video. Let us pray, worship and give thanks for receiving and being able to share the good news of Jesus.

Monday 01 June

#dailydevotions // In Hot Pursuit - 1st June 2020

High-speed car chases and the love of God, this devotional has got it all. After watching the video I have to admit that sometimes familiarity really does breed contempt; Psalm 23 is such a well known Psalm and it means we can often overlook its beauty and deep abiding truths. Come, watch and be reminded of the love that pursues, the love that overtakes and the love that apprehends us.

Friday 29 May

#dailydevotions // Arise Shine for Your Light has Come - 29th May 2020

When darkness gets a grip on you, as it easily can, it is just wonderful to know that the word of God casts His brilliant light and banishes fear and darkness in all circumstances. Listen to Marianne's testimony of her encouraging encounter with God through the book of Isaiah.

Thursday 28 May

#dailydevotions // Life Through the Spirit (Romans 8) - 28th May 2020

In this video, John R takes us through a reading of Romans chapter eight. We are so greatly encouraged and built up by having God's word wash over us, to be reminded that we are adopted, that we have a Father who loves us, a Saviour who rescued us and a Spirit within us that draws me close and transforms our very being. I would encourage you to take five, listen to the words and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm them in you. We are sons and daughters, we are never overlooked, taken for granted but instead valued, adored and kept. Even when we are suffering, even when we are persecuted we glorify God as those counted worthy of being called children of God.

Wednesday 27 May

#dailydevotions // Have You Not Known? Have You Not Heard? - 27th May 2020

As we have prayed over recent days and weeks, God has spoken to us in exciting and encouraging ways and we will write up and distribute what we believe God has been saying to us. But one thing that we have been so clearly reminded of is how good it is to delve into scripture, to hear from God and to change the way we think about ourselves, others, God's mission and his glory as a result. Today then, listen to the word of God from Isaiah, read along and hear from God for you and our circumstances. To reflect on God, his glory and his passion for you and to hear him speak from his word that is centuries old but fresh and new today. As you listen and read, spend time considering how you will apply what you read and hear, then spend some time in prayer and worship to the one who continues to provide hope and light in these tough times.

Tuesday 26 May

#dailydevotions // The Walls Have Fallen - 26th May 2020

The Walls have fallen and now its time to advance into the promised land. God would warn us about stopping to rebuild Jericho and instead encourage us to move forward and take up our inheritance. From the A2 to the Thames and from Shooters Hill to North End we are called to raise up a community founded on Jesus and to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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