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Daily devotions

Every day during the week we release a new video to encourage and build the church family and wider community.

Tuesday 28 July

#dailydevotions // Married to Christ or Married to Sin - 28th July 2020

Here Sheila considers Paul's marriage analogy in Romans 7:1-4 which was brought to life for her during a chat at an 8am prayer meeting. We belong to Jesus, we have died to sin! What does that mean to us in our day to day lives?

Friday 24 July

#dailydevotions // Seeking Approval? - 24th July 2020

Why do we sometimes feel that we need the approval of others, or need to live up to someone else's standard? Ian explores this question of validation - and how our gracious and loving Jesus is our only valid judge.

Tuesday 21 July

#dailydevotions // Rooted and Grounded in love - 23rd July 2020

Monday 20 July

#dailydevotions // Healing is Real - 21st July 2020

We thank God every day for the skills and commitment of our medical services but we also pray for intervention from God for healing too. In this video, Barbara explains something of her medical history but also how she has become confident in God's loving intervention in her situation. She challenges us all to think about our response to healing today.

Wednesday 22 July

#dailydevotions // God is Love - 22nd July 2020

As Laura becomes a mum again, she asks us to think - what motivates our love? Why do we love anyone? Is it what they can do or what they will be? Or is it something else? God loves us unconditionally. That is a truth that we take hold of with both hands and take into our hearts.

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